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Folsom Parkways Bike Trails
Private Cycling lessons for Adults and Kids,  
Learn to ride the right way !  
Please contact Coach Myron  916-835-4444

Adult Swim Lessons - A great way to get Professional help
with your strokes and technique to swim better, faster and
efficiently.  Swimming is a great full body workout.  

Now in San Diego!
MTB local trails, and
Adult swim lessons at Carmel Valley Bay Club.
See Coach Myron at the club!

Want to try OPEN WATER?
I'm available to meet at La Jolla Cove for open
water swimming instruction. The cove is a safe
place to learn and perfect for Triathletes.
Archived News
Winter swimming and cycling are upon us! Remember to stay warm and hydrated.

Swim or volunteer at the Broadstone Fun Masters Swim meet, there are events for everyone, enjoy summer and
swimming !

Amgen Tour of California races through Folsom ! Witness the sprint at Riley/Sutter streets, expo at 9:30am, Lots
'o Fun !!

05.15.11 - 05.22.11
Amgen Tour of California !
Check out this professional event.

Have you signed up to log your miles for May is Bike Month?  Sign up here !

Roller Races at Hot Italian, promoting a Velodrome in Sacramento10.09.10
Giro d'Barkada  Stockton CA

SACRAMENTO GRAND PRIX races before the         
ATOC finish at Capital Park,

Beginner Mountain Biking Clinic with Team Revolutions

"We Are Not Just Swimmers Poster"

Second Annual Open Water Swim Potluck BBQ! Awesome turnout! many old friends and new faces, Thank you
for joining in the swim and bringing food!

Dunnigan Hills Road Race was a lot of fun, warm and windy made it a challenge

Last Stage of Tour de Sacramento was very fun, riders tested themselves in a 5 mile Time Trial.

Second ride of the Tour de Sacramento visited Folsom and hills!  Even the 106 degree temps did not deter the
riders from completing the ride.  (=

PCRS MTB Series ended with a fun costume contest.  The series was well run and had good courses. Fun in
the dirt

Twelve Broadstone swimmers swam various distances at the FLOW -(Folsom Lake Open Water Swim) event and
earned 3 Medals!   --Great job !!!