Lake Tahoe Feb 2006
Welcome to Bike 4 Fun and Health
Cycling and Swimming instruction for everyone !

Try Open Water Swimming in the La Jolla Cove!!
Please contact me for private Open Water Lessons.
Beginners are my specialty =)

Cycling and swimming are sports that anyone can enjoy.  It is fun
to do and healthy at the same time.  I would like to introduce any
age group or gender to the benefits of cycling and swimming.   
Goal setting, training and experience are my greatest strengths.  
My objective is to help anyone attain their goals in a safe and
organized fashion. The goals may be like becoming comfortable
riding on the road or trails, open water swimming, completing a
Triathlon or winning a Stage Race.  I can  introduce beginners as
well as seasoned athletes with lessons and race day like
Be prepared to have fun!

Adult Swim Lessons Make a Difference !
See what people are saying about swimming   (Flyer)
Swimming is a great cross-training excercise for cycling, core
strength and flexibility help produce more power to the pedals
and help make the body less prone to injuries.  Sessions by
appointment M-F after 5:30pm, Weekends after 4:00pm,  $30.00
per 30 minute session.  Custom tailored to your skill level.

If you are in
SACRAMENTO check out the Sacramento Swimming

Fun Masters Swim Meets
Past Results and Photos:
July 15, 2012 = Results (PDF)  PHOTOS (Sac Swim Meetup)
July 31, 11 = RESULTS (PDF),  PHOTOS (Sac Swim Meetup)
July 11, 10 = RESULTS (PDF),  PHOTOS (Sac Swim Meetup)
April 25, 10 = RESULTS (PDF),  PHOTOS (Sac Swim Meetup)
Feb 28, 10 = RESULTS (PDF) ,  PHOTOS (Sac Swim Meetup)

Fun non-sanctioned meets, meet other swimmers, try an event,
experience a meet,    co-ed relays,  non-Sparetime Clubs
Members welcome,  Meets scheduled around this Summer's
main events.

Safety Note:
Be prepared when you train. Carry water and use correct gear to
keep you visible and adjusted to the weather.
Mountain Bike Ride Anyone?