October 2014
For many years I have been swimming on my own at the local club.  With each passing year, it was getting harder and
harder to make myself go. Then  I met Myron, he convinced me to join his masters swiiming program.  I was
relucatant at first but he me feel comfortable .  He was always there to help with my stroke and keep me motivated.  
Myron has since moved and will be greatly missed by all from our club.  I'm turning 50 this year and  thanks in large
part to Myron,  I am in my best shape in 20 years.     
Matt Swanson

July  2012
Its a pleasure to recommend Myron my first ever swimming instructor. From a stage where I was scared of water to
swimming laps continuously in a Olympic sized pool,I owe it all to Myron. His teaching style is patient,different and
very accommodative. He taught me only once a week but suggested I practice the entire week with his swim team in
the same club. It was very inspiring for me to see all the pro swimmers & this really boosted my skills and I could gain
amazing stamina for swimming. He helped me come out of my limitations very easily and taught me how to swim and
also dive!! Too bad I could not continue training under him!! Whenever I visit the US of A next I will surely come down to
Folsom at least to take a class or two from you Myron!!

Kids like Swimming lessons also !!!!

August 2011
Hi Coach Myron,
I wanted to let you know that the Triathlon today was a lot of fun. My overall time was 2 hours and 12 minutes.
Thanks so much for the swim instruction you gave me over the past few days  - I was SO CALM throughout the swim
this morning......considering how I used to experience varying degrees of panic with some of my earlier swims:)
I still have ways to go, but I think this was a great start and I will always have fond memories of my first Triathlon!!!
Thanks again,

April 2010
As a personal trainer I know the value of a professional coach and the results you can achieve from hard work. Each
year I try to come up some new type of challenge, whether it is athletic, academic or otherwise.  When I decided to
start mountain biking I decided to hire Myron as my coach. He taught me everything I know now from safety to
changing a tire to bumping over a boulder. He also taught me some strategies and secrets to racing that I’m not
going to share, I’m not the most competitive person out there!!!!   So completive in nature, but mostly from the
excellent coaching and patience of Myron, I’ve been very successful in my racing! One of the best decisions was to
hire Myron as my coach and to try a new sport this year!!!  Thanks Myron, you’re a Rock Star!!!
Maureen Evanoff

July 2009
Ironman-France: Mission accomplished thanks to the team and facilities at Spare Time Clubs!      To complete a 2.4
mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, and a marathon all in one day, I needed willpower, luck, and a training program
influenced by the all star coaches and fitness experts. Coach Myron –provided weekly coaching in the pool at
Broadstone Racquet Club on swim technique and kayaked during open water endurance swims at Lake Natoma.  
His coaching enabled me to easily complete the 2.4 mile swim with plenty of energy for left for the long bike ride and
the marathon. Beyond the extraordinary support I received from my wife, family, and training partners, I genuinely
attribute my ability to complete this race to the advice from the coaches and trainers –and the tremendous facilities at
Broadstone Racquet Club  and El Dorado Hills Sports Club.   Along with establishing a high standard of health and
fitness for my family, I hope that my achievement inspires other members to enter fitness races –whether it’s a short
family fun run, a century bike ride, or a full Ironman.
Jack Crawford Jr., Ironman (Nice, France 2009)!

October 2008
I have always thought I would take on a triathlon . . . some day. . . I bought a book or two on the subject and started
casually reading it and considering it, but I had not yet committed.  Then, my niece died the day before she turned 18
years old.  This had a profound effect on me.  At her funeral, I committed to do the race in her honor and wear her
favorite color (red).  So, I pulled out a training schedule and started my quest.  Very soon I discovered I could not swim
two laps without loosing my breath.  In addition, every time I swam I would get a sore right shoulder.  I contacted
Myron and asked him if he could help me and told him my goal to finish the Golden State Sprint.  I was surprised that
he not only came to teach me before work at 7am, but got in the pool with me to show me too!  Myron is always so
positive, he makes me feel like I can do anything.  He cheers me on even in practice!  Because of his own back
ground as a competing athlete, he has invaluable knowledge and he freely shares it.  Every minute we spent training
was extremely productive.  Very quickly I learned a much better technique and my shoulder was no longer sore.  It took
me some time to learn to breathe in the water, but Myron kept faith in me and now I can breathe AND swim the
distance!  My first triathlon, I needed every bit of Myron’s knowledge he shared.  We swam in a cold river, against the
current on an unusually windy day.  The buoy appeared to be much too far!  I stuck to the plan that Myron and I had
previously made and it got me through.  There were many tri-athletes getting out of the water that day.  I am so glad I
was prepared.  I gave my first triathlon everything I had and I ended up third in my age group.  Thank you Myron for
helping me to realize even more than my goal!!  I look forward to training with you to prepare for the next triathlon! This
time, let’s go the Olympic distance!  
Suzy Trexler
38 yrs old

July 15, 2008
After accomplishing my goal of completing the Boston Marathon in April 2008, I decided that I needed to incorporate
variety into my fitness routine. As a long distance runner, I knew that swimming would only be effective if I could learn
to swim efficiently enough to be able to swim non-stop for at least a half hour. Even though I had recently completed a
marathon, I struggled to swim 50 meters without losing my breath during my first swim lesson with Coach Myron. I
was worse than I thought. Coach Myron simply stated, “You are a good candidate for swim lessons.” Coach Myron
was able to quickly assess my growth areas, offered specific practice strategies, and within five 30 minute private
swim lessons, I went from swimming 50 meters to swimming an entire mile! Coach Myron also developed several
workout routines for me which he printed out large enough for me to see which was especially helpful since I’ve lost
most of my vision due to a degenerative eye disease. Thanks to Coach Myron’s assistance, I can now see myself
incorporating swimming into my long term fitness goals. I could not have done it without adult swim lessons. It was
made more pleasant by Coach Myron’s pleasant temperament, professionalism, and encouraging approach towards
Richard Hunter, Age 41

May 16, 2008
"After injuring my knee snow skiing, I decided to try other cardiovascular workouts in addition to running and cycling. I
tried to swim laps for the first time two months ago and joined Coach Myron's Master's Swim class the next day.  I've
learned a lot and now I'm swimming laps and getting a great workout. If I can learn to swim, anybody can."

I would like to recommend the adult swim lessons, which I took this past summer.
it is hard to believe how much I  have gained in a very short time.
I wish I had done this years ago!
Many thanks to Coach Myron !

March 2008
Hello! My name is Scott Shepard, I am 18 years old and I recently competed in my first ever Triathlon, I did not know
how to swim and I knew absolutely nothing about cycling, but Coach Myron taught me everything I needed to know.
Coach Myron trained me so well that I finished first in my age group in the March Triathlon Series. Without Coach
Myron’s expert help and training I never would have been able to finish the swim, complete the cycling portion of the
race, or win first place. If you are looking for a Coach that has extensive expertise, will work with you until you
accomplish your goals, and is willing to spend one on one time with you, Coach Myron Dong is your man! Thanks
again Coach Myron!

June 29, 2007
Hi, my name is Kimberley, I have just experienced the most enjoyable training sessions with Coach Myron. When I
first decided to take up cycling, I was little hesitant since I have not been on a bike in over two years. Even then, it was
more of a luxury riding with friends. I had no clue on how to fix a flat, the ethics in riding, profound enjoyment that I
would have. I wanted to make sure that I was doing things right so I did a web search for a trainer and came across
Coach Myron’s site. I read up on him and found it very comfortable knowing that he had so many years of riding
experience behind. Therefore, I emailed and told him that I was interest in getting better at riding and try to ride a
century ride.
Coach Myron and I met up on our first meeting where he showed my how to fix a flat and how to get the tires off and
put them back on.  During my training sessions with Coach Myron, he showed me how to ride properly, uphill,
downhill, how to use my gears properly, and took the time and patient to help me use the clipless pedals. Most of all I
really appreciate his patience and encouragement in me in my riding and also all the encouragement that he gave
me when I felt at times I was not going to be able to complete the ride. Now I am more confident in my riding and I am
able to ride up to Beals Point out in Folsom without a struggle. My experience with Coach Myron has been wonderful.
Thank you,

02/22/2007 - During the Tour of California
KCRA Article "Biking Can Be Easy, Healthy For Beginners"

The program was very flexible, realistic, and allowed for peaking for races. I definitely feel stronger this year,
compared to the previous years of training !
John Matoba
Rio Strada Racing Team

Wow!  What a difference coaching makes in achieving my goals!!  I came from a weight lifting background and
decided to embark on the world of road cycling.  The first couple of years were just recreational riding and as a mode
of commuting to work.  But once I became more serious and competitive, I reached my limits quickly and was literally
just spinning my wheels with no significant results.  I joined a local team coached and lead by Myron Dong.  The
techniques applied for my needs and goals were specific and relevant.  With continued positive reinforcements, I
quickly moved up the ranks of an entry level cat 5 to a more experienced cat 4 racer!  Not only does he coach, but
applies his teachings as he races in the Pro/1/2 ranks with consistent top results.  It is a pleasure to be a student and
friend of Coach Myron.
Thank you!!   
Jeff Lancero
LuzViMin Racing Team

I started riding in Feb 05 and have been a member of Luzvimin racing team for two great seasons. Riding and racing
is something that I enjoy doing, and I see myself riding as long as possible. I enjoy riding Sacramento famous River
Rides and Folsom's Coffee Republic ride. For the past season, I have had the privilege to have Myron Dong as a
coach and teammate.
Awarded Luzvimin Racing team's Best young Rider 05, 06
Thank you Coach,
Mikhael Catapang
Age 19